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Free the People WNY

Free The People WNY is a coalition of organizers and organizations—including the formerly incarcerated, directly affected people, activists, and attorneys—that envisions a world free from the violence and death of mass incarceration. We act together to dismantle a justice system built on white supremacy and oppression, one that dehumanizes people, and we work to create in its place anti-racist systems, with the values of collective liberation and true justice at their core.

The Free the People state working group unites organizers, advocates, and activists working on state-level campaigns that promote basic human dignity and ensure equity and harm reduction for our communities. The cohort uplifts decarceration through a racial justice lens and works across issue areas—housing, the carceral system, climate, and more—with awareness the fight for anti-racist systems is intersectional.

FTP WNY State Working Group 2022 Issues Platform

  1. Clean Slate
  2. People’s Campaign for Parole Justice (Fair & Timely Parole; Elder Parole)
  3. CCIA
  4. New York for All
  5. Community Not Cages
  6. Access to Representation Act (immigration)
  7. End Predatory Court Fees Act
  8. Good Cause Eviction
  9. Housing Access Voucher Program (HAVP)
  10. Daniel’s Law