Housing Justice for All

Housing Justice for All (HJ4A) is a statewide movement to end homelessness and make housing a human right through policies, prioritizing people over profit.

#HouseNY Campaign

  • Good Cause Eviction (S3082/A5573) — With Good Cause, people would have a shield against retaliatory evictions and the non-renewal of leases. The legislation would also create a mechanism to challenge unreasonable rent increases. Though the law does not protect against eviction in its entirety, landlords must “substantiate a good cause” for it, creating an additional layer of accountability and transparency. Good Cause can help level the playing field, encourage more ethical practices, and create a mechanism for landlords and tenants to negotiate a fair increase in rent. If Good Cause passed, it would help protect roughly 1.6 million renter households—almost half of New York’s renter population—with nearly 50% of tenants living in counties outside of NYC eligible.
  • Housing Access Voucher Program (HAVP: S2804B/A9657A) — HAVP will provide rent subsidy vouchers to individuals, homeless families, and unstably housed tenants. The bill would cover people ineligible for Section 8, including immigrants without status.
  • Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA; S3157/A5971) — Maintain affordable housing accessible by all with TOPA, enabling low-income tenants to purchase the properties they reside in at a fair price.

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